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Shenzhen Products >> Acrylic yarn dyeing machine
YC Spray Type Hank Yarn Dyeing Machine

◆Product characteristic
It is the best suitable for later dealing with twisted exposed silk, single fine yarns, man-made silk, silky cotton silk, silk fabrics ,pure silk, and fine wool, it is also the best suitable for their being bleached, refined, dyed and washed in water.
This special machine is designed to be low energy-losing, low lift, and large quantity flowing. when  working under high temperature, it could keep its characteristic.
It is three in one that concludes new mode weir floating adjutage , dyeing pipe and moving yarns pipes. And the dyed mustn't be twisted or knotted absolutely. It could be poured easily after it was dyed, and it has low losing-rate.
The water adjutage  with special design can adjust water to high or low wantonly. According to the quantity of dyeing yarns, the number of single yarn and its sorts.
It has low bathing-ratio, which makes it save materials and reduce the cost by way of improving its structure.

◆Standard structure
The body of machine and parts getting in touch with dye are made of excellent stainless steel. Which has high erosion-resisting ability.
High-efficiency axial-flow pump made of stainless steel is equipped with sealed mechanical device.
Be equipped with two sets of yarns-hanging bar which are made of seamless steel pipes.
Diversion block makes dyes circulation inside well-distributed.
Be equipped with material adding pumps which are made of excellent stainless steels.(excluding those models which under Y20).
The material adding vat is equipped with, churn-dasher, adding materials, opposite washing back and forth and cleaning devices.(device under Y-200 don't need to churn dasher).
Safe and convenient device getting samples.
Use inletting valve, pipe, electric device quickly.

◆Fitting at discretion
The system of self-motion control heating, heat preservation and temperature falling.
The system of self-motion by the computer control
The main pump power adopts the changing frequency of waves control.
The system of controlling the quantity of water entry.
The effective hanging yarns length of adjutage ranges from 1280mm to 1600mm

◆Specification of a manufactured item

Carrying amount
General Power
Appearance size
YC1/2 3 1.1 1310 1950 2020 820
YC1/2X2 7 1.1 1540 1950 2020 1200
YC-2 14 1.5 1570 2500 2020 1400
YC-4 28 3 2130 2500 2020 1800
YC-6 42 4 2580 2550 2020 2400
YC-10 70 5.5 3740 2550 2020 3000
YC-20 140 11 6740 2600 2120 4500
YC-30 210 15 9700 2750 2220 5600
YC-40 280 22 12850 2750 2220 6800
YC-60 420 37 18810 2960 2320 11340
YC-80 560 45 24900 2960 2320 13800

◆Technique data of accessories
The highest work temperature:98℃
The rising temperature speed:about 5℃/minute.
(according to the steamy pressure 6kg/com2)
The falling temperature speed:about 4℃/minute.
(according to the refrigerant pressure 3kg/cm2)