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Shenzhen Products >> Acrylic yarn dyeing machine

◆Product characteristic
It is the suitable for dealing with coloration of wool, terylene, nylon, cotton, man-made silk, cashmere resembling and blending.
It moves and operates on stabilization and on the safe side, no noise, all the work are wear well.
It equips stepless gear change mechanism, the blade operates according to the request for different fabric, loading and craftwork to make the proper adjust.
There is direct and indirect heating pipes in the bottom of vat, it could heat, heat preservation and temperature falling, it operates convenient and safe.
It adopts the accurate controller which is rotated, it also self-controls the blade operating with positive and negative, it makes the fabric equality run and makes sure the fabric regularity.

◆Technique data of accessories
The highest work temperature:98℃.
The rising temperature speed: about 5℃/minute.
(according to the steamy pressure 6kg/cm2)
The falling temperature falling speed: about 2℃/minute.
(according to the refrigerant pressure 3kg/cm2)

◆Standard structure
The body of machine introduces stainless steel with a good quality to resist erosion.
Packing blade equips stepless shift device.
It has the direct, indirect heating and direct refrigeration.
It designs crafty water temperature detector.

◆ Accessories
The curve of temperature rising by the computer control
The system of self-motion by the computer control
The work of adding vat
The display of water line

Specification of a manufactured item

型号 Model 载量
Carrying amount
General Power
外型尺寸 Appearance size 重量
L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
GD-3s 2.5.8 0.75 1868 857 1640 375
GD-25 12.5 0.75 1425 890 1110 850
GD-50 25 0.75 2065 1200 1373 850
GD-100 50 1.5 2642 1524 1604 1150
GD-150 75 2.2 2826 1676 1172 1240
GD-200 100 2.2 3028 1826 1923 1310
GD-300 150 2.2 3177 1981 2041 1380
GD-400 200 2.2 3462 2205 2195 1450
GD-500 250 2.2 3418 2143 2277 1500
GD-600 300 4 4000 2200 2200 1800
GD-800 400 4 5100 2200 2200 2500