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Shenzhen Products >> Acrylic yarn dyeing machine
It is suitable for dealing with hanging dyes of cotton, terylene, man-made silk etc. The length of dying can be adjusted according to needs. The effect of dye is good.  Color is bright.
Standard structure
  • High erosion proof stainless steel materials made The main part contacting with the dye liquid.
  • Be equipped with adding material barrels and adding material pumps.
  • Be equipped with a set of system which control adding materials,opposite washing back and forth and cleaning,circulate devices.
  • Be equipped the clothing shelf or twisted yam easel.
  • The device vibrate stably.

  • The main drive machine adopts frequent machine to control.
  • Full auto vibrate stably.

Technique data of accessories
  • The highest work temperature:98°C.
  • The rising temperature speed:about 5°C/minute. (according to the steamy pressure 6kg/cm2)
  • The falling temperature speed:about 2°C/minute. (according to the steamy pressure 3kg/cm2)

Model Carrying amount
(a unit)
Model Appearance size
L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
GY-3S 25.8 0.75 1720 960 2300
GY-50 50 1.5 2300 960 3050
GY-100 100 2.2 2300 1550 3050
GY-200 200 2.75 3800 1550 3050
GY-300 300 2.93 5500 1550 3050
GY-400 400 4 5500 2230 3050
GY-500 500 4.5 6000 2230 3050