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Shenzhen Products >> Flat knitting machine and other sweater making machine
Product description


Type KZ-125 KZ-100 KZ-900 KZ-75 KZ-60 KZ-20
Diameter φ1070ram φ1000mm φ915mm φ720mm φ630mm φ400mm
Height 35Omm 350mm 360mm 290mm 290mm 275mm
Capacity 125kg lOOkg 90kg 75kg 60kg 20kg
Speed 1020r/min 1100r/min 1210r/min 1280r/min 1350r/min 1200r/min
Power 7.SKW 5.5KW 5.5KW 4KW 2.2KW 1.1KW
B2800x4 B2700x4 B2400x4 B2000x3 B1850x3 B1300x3
6315x 2 6313x1 6312x 1 6308x1 6309x1 6207
6314x1 6314x2 6313x1 6311x1 6310x 1 6208
8316x1 8314x2 8313xl 8210x1 8210x1 6208
6207x1 6206xl 6206xl 6206x1 6206x1
6312x1 6311 x1 631 x1 6309x1 6309x1
Size(mm) 2080x1600x970 1980x1600x900 1820x1500x870 1460x1180x780 1400x1100x760 950x600x600
G.W. 1800kg 1700kg 1500kg 600kg 550kg 230kg
M20x700 M20x700 M20x700 M16x600 M16x600 M16x500
R725 R720 R664 R500 R485 R300
1290x1290x1180 1305x1305x1100 1204x1204x1017 900x900x730 884x884x728 548x548x446

Washing Machine
KG MM Size(mm)LxWxH KW KG
XGP-55 25 640x750 1440x900x1180 0.75 350
XGP-100 45 800x960 1750x1030 x1280 1.5 530
XGP-120 54 φ900x1050 1940x1160x1360 2.2 650
XGP-150 66 φ1000x1000 1900x1350x1650 1.5 750
XGP-200 90 φ1000x1200 2100x1350x1650 2.2 850
XGP-450 208 φ1070x2260 3250x1550x1900 5.5 1500
XGP-550 248 φ1220~2260 3250x1680x2080 7.5 1700
XGP-660 270 φ1220x2400 3400x1680x2080 7.5 1800
XGP-800 360 φ1500x2400 3460x2000x2450 11 2200