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Shenzhen Products >> Garment washing and finishing machine
Cloth Washer Series
Product description
XGP semi-automatic and XGQ all-automatic type washing machines are developed by taking reference to the same kind most advanced machines currently, suitable for washing soft cotton, linen, blended fabric. etc.
As an indispensable and advanced equipment for washing industry in hospitals, hotels, military units, factories.
etc.. these machines are featured by simple construction, table operation, small space occupation, no damage to clothes, and made by stainless steel cylinder without contaminating the clothes being washed.
XGQ automatic washina machines main technical parameters 
Model  XGQ-20  XGQ-40 
Maximum washing capacity(kg)  20  40 
Cylinder size(mm)  φ700x550  φ945x580 
Washing speed(rpm)  40  39 
Equalizing speed(rpm)  80  80 
Dewatering speed  480  645 
Steam pressure(Mpa)  0.2-0.8  0.2-0.8 
Tap water pressure(Mpa)  >0.2  >0.2 
Motor power(kW)  1.5/2.2/5.5 
Dimensions LxWxH(mm)  994x920x1420
Weight(kg)  550  1500 

XGP semi-automatic washing machine main technical parameters
Vlaximum loading (kg) 
Cylinder size (mm)
Dimensions LxWxH(mm)
Motor Power(kW)
XGP-11  φ400X480  1180X600X800  0.55   
XGP-20  φ550X600  1200X700X800  0.75   
XGP-30  14  φ600X680  1280X840X1100  0.75   
XGP-55  25  φ640x750  1440x900x1180  0.75  350 
XGP-100  45  φ800x960  1750x1030x1280  1.5  530 
XGP-120  54  φ900x1050  1940xl 160x1360  1.5  650 
XGP-150  68  φ1000x1000  1900x1350x1650  2.2  750 
XGP-200  90  φ1000x1200  2100x1350x1650  2.2  850 
XGP-450  203  φ1070x2260  3250x1550x1900  5.5  1500 
XGP-550  248  φ1220x2260  3250x1680x2080  7.5  1700 
XGP-600  270  φ1320x2200  3400x1680x2080  7.5  1800 
XGP-800  360  φ1320x3100  4160x1900x2080  11  2200 
XGP-850    φ1380x3100  4190x1950x2160  15  2320 
XGP-900    φ1500x2700  3880x2150x2580  15  2710