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Shenzhen Products >> Knitting fabric dyeing machine and lab equipment

   The highly efficient and cost effective ECO provides the customer the competitive edge to meet the most demanding challenge of the market today, and has low production cost and excellent fabric dyeing quality. ECO deploys the perfectly designed fast liquid circulation system, which maintains the smooth running of fabric at extreme low liquor ratio of 1:5.The flawless combination of the fabric lifting system, the dual- flow nozzle and the conveyance tube enables the fabric speed achieve a maximum of 350m/min.thus accommodating various requirements of a wide range fabric.

◆product characteristics

reduction of process time
reduce process time and enhance production efficiency dyeing tine reduced to 298 minutes

low water consumption
water consumption per unit of fabric is extra low less effluent,more environmental friendly saving on steam consumption saving effluent treatment saving on dyestuff and chemical additives

reduction of electrical power consumption
soft start of main pump motor by frequency inverter results from shorter process time advanced drop bath technique without machine stop constant liquor ratio within a capacity of 70-100% the liquor ratio maintain at 1:5 while keeping the fabric running smoothly high versatility able to process materials of different sizes and weights within the loop time of 3 min. without adjusting the capacity. more environmentally friendly
less water consumption
less energy consumption
less discharge of effluent
less consumption of electric power

◆standard structure

machine body and major parts wetted by dyeing liquid are made of SUS316L highly corrosion resistant stainless steel heavy duty stainless steel centrifugal pump lifter reel driven by frequency inverter controlled motor dual-flow nozzle fabric plaiting device for fabric storage chamber automatic fabric upper tangling release device pneumatic control valves for heating and cooling, with temperature control function high efficiency heat exchanger body shell pressurizing and depressurizing system level indicator with level sensor service tank with feed pump, valves, stemming function take off roller multi-core control cable spare filter insert service platform main control cabinet micro processor

◆accessories loyout plaiter

coupling accessories
programmable second fill valve with metering function
programmable second drain valve
dosing control with precision flow control device second service tank with individual feed pump, valves, stemming function seam detector

◆ technique date of accessories

constant liquor ratio:1:5
maximum working temperature:140℃
heating rate: 25℃~100℃
average 5℃/min 100℃~130℃ average 2℃/min
(dry saturated steam pressure at 0.7Mpa)
cooling rate: 130℃~100℃ average 3℃/min 100℃~85℃ average 2℃/min
(cooling water at 0.3Mpa,25℃)

(Nominal Capacity)
(general power)
(L)mm (W)mm (H)mm
ECO-S-5 1 3-5 1.9 1250 1500 2100
ECO-S-25 1 18-25 5.5 1900 2500 2270
ECO-S-50 1 35-50 5.7 2390 3190 2560
ECO-S-100 1 70-100 6.2 3200 4150 2950
ECO-1T-150 1 105-150 6.8 3430 4720 3490
ECO-1T-280 1 200-250 8.7 3700 4720 3490
ECO-2T-280 1 400-500 15.7 5000 4720 3490
ECO-3T-280 1 600-750 25.1 6370 4720 4000
ECO-4T-280 1 800-1000 30.6 8100 4720 3490
ECO-6T-280 1 1200-1500 49.8 11000 4720 3490
ECO-8T-280 1 1600-2000 62.2 15700 4720 3490