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BSD Single layer shrinkage dryer

The pre-shrink dry machine with high efficiency and low energy consumption, feed the fabric into the conveyance belt. there is a little over feed volume during the feeding. The conveyance belt feeds the fabric into the dry box.. The stagger nozzle of upper and lower layers snort the hot wind out. When the weave wind snort to the surface of the fabric, the fabric forms into the waves. The hot wind vapors the water in the fabric, and the small part of steam discharged from the machine. The temperature controller detects the temperature of discharged gas to guarantee the effectively use of energy, and the steam or hot oil can used as indirect heatness source while the natural gas or coal gas can be the direct heatness course during the drying. The non-contact temperature detector monitors the surface temperature of fabric to guarantee the fabric from over-hot and the energy effectively used. The dried fabric folded in the fabric load lane normally.

◆Product Characteristics

  • Complete tensionless
    Adjust the feeding apparatus to high extent, the feeded fabric received the smack by powerful hot wind, while run spontaneously with reticulation conveyance belt. So it can be treated in zero tension in the column or horizon direction.
  • Pre-shrink treatment
    In drying,it forms microseism from the intervals of the upper or lower side ,propel the fabric movement is curvous way,thus eliminate the tension greatly and fulfill the purpose of pre-shrink.
  • Nozzle system
    The upper and lower nozzle arrayed intervals, make the fabric run forward in curious way of tensionless, so eliminated the stress in the fabric. In this way, the fabric can have good pre-shrink result in the column or horizon direction.
  • The best heat energy exertion
    High power thermolysis in design, the best dynamic principle usage, powerful fan exertion and the perfect nozzle system make up the excellence of the BSD dry machine.
  • Powerful wind lane design
    The fan of high efficiency , equipped with the most powerful wind channel design, help to the curvous forward run in the dry fabric in tensionless way, in this way the fabric stress eliminated and the original result of the dried fabric ensured, with soft feel.
  • The fabric releases the tension caused by the previous process
  • The fabric in the tensionless wave shape when running
  • Simple operation console and easy to set the parameters of the machine
  • No need to stop the machine when cleaning the filter sift
  • Gas discharge humidity monitored, to guarantee the effective energy use.
  • Many cylinder cloth to guarantee the spontaneous dry

◆Technique data of accessories

  • Dry room temperature:Steam heating 100~140°C
               Heat conduction Oil heating 100~170°C
  • Evaporation volume:100kg per box per hour
  • Machine speed:3~30m/min
  • General power:4 boxes 71kw
            5 boxes 87kw
            6 boxes 104kw
  • Figuration size(lengthX widthX height):
            4 boxes 11800*4960*3320
            5 boxes 13900*4960*3320
            6 boxes 16000*4960*3320