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Shenzhen Products >> Knitting fabric dyeing machine and lab equipment
BHD-88 Atmospheric Dyeing Machine
Product description

The current elastic cloth, as full cotton elastic cloth, spiral glutinous elastic cloth, polyester terylene elastic cloth and nylon elastic cloth, etc
●The liquor flow and jet water flow are optional, soft water flow to guarantee the dye things from furred, and the yarn branch from distort. Weight of the code varies from 60--600g/m2.
●Combined change Longitude cloth guide pipe, which can reduce to the lowest tension and it is of the function of eliminating the radius fold.
●Short cloth groove, proper cloth length, low bath ratio, with easy operation and maintenance
●Low height of the machine table, low tension, to make the low shrinkage ratio after the dye

Standard structure
●Machine body and major parts wetted by dyeing liquid are made of highly corrosion resistant stainless steel
●Florin pipe spread in the cloth store groove
●Heavy duty stainless steel centrifugal pump
●Lifter reel driven by frequency inverter controlled motor
●Dual-flow nozzle
●Pneumatic control valves for heating and cooling,with temperature control function
●Pneumatic valve for fill and drain function
●Internal spray cleaning device
●High efficiency heat exchanger
●Body shell pressurizing and depressurizing system
●Level indicator with level sensor
●Service tank with feed pump, valves, stirring function
●Take off roller
●Spare filter insert
●Service platform
●Main control cabinet micro processor

Model Type Capacity Total Power Dimensions(mm)
BHD-88-1T T15 150 11 4560 2200 3900
T20 200 4560 2350 3900
T25 250 4560 2500 3900
BHD-88-2T T15 300 20.5 4560 3300 3900
T20 400 4560 3600 3900
T25 500 4560 3900 3900
BHD-88-3T T15 450 29.4 4600 4200 3900
T20 600 4600 4650 3900
T25 750 4600 5100 3900
BHD-88-4T T15 600 38.5 4680 4600 4000
T20 800 4680 5200 4000
T25 1000 4680 5800 4000
BHD-88-6T T15 900 49.5 4680 6200 4000
T20 1200 4680 7100 4000
T25 1500 4680 8000 4000