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Shenzhen Products >> Polybag making machine
GFQ500-1200 Computer Heat-sealing & Cold-cutting Bag-making Machine
Product description
It is used for producing best bags and flat-opening bags with printing.The main motor adopts frequency control of motor speed to save more electricity and regulate speed more freely.
The color code tracker with good performance makes the sealing and cutting length more accuralte and the error smaller .it adopts advanced computer to adjust length more freely and accurately.

Main Technical Variables
Model  500  600  800  1000  1200 
Max. Width of bag-making(mm)  480  580  780  980  1150 
Max. Length of bag-making(mm)  950  950  950  1200  2000 
Speed of bag-making(pc/min)  30-130  30-130  30-130  30-120  30-100 
Power of motor(kw)  0.75  0.75  1.5  2.2 
Weight(kg)  650  750  800  900  1000 
External dimension
(L×W×H) mm 
2900×1200×1550  2900×1350×1650  2900×1450×1550  3200×1550×1750  3400×1750×1850