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Shenzhen Products >> Polyester thread and cotton yarn dyeing machine
RZT Series
High Efficiency Package Hydroextractor
Product description
RZT-60 high efficiency package hydroextractor
The RZT-60 model high efficiency hydroextractor is a semi-automatic centrifugal extractor suitable to eliminate the excess of water from all types of yarn packages after dyeing.
It can be successfully used for synthetic, artificial and natural yarns wound on plastic cones / tubes or stainless steel springs.

Special features of the RZT-60 hydroextractor
The high rotation speed (1530rpm) ensures a very low and uniformly distributed residual moisture content in the yarn packages (e.g. down to 45% on some cotton yarns), thus reducing the overall drying cost and improving the final product quality.
Each package is put onto a separate holder to prevent yarn as well as cones / tubes from damages during the hydroextraction cycle.
The control system by PLC ensures the fully automatic operation of the machine until the end of each hydroextraction cycle,
when the yarn has reached the desired final moisture content.
The unique anti-vibration design ensures smooth rotation of the baskets without unbalancing and the overall stable operation of the machine.

Standard configuration
2 suspended-type extracting baskets in stainless steel with individual driving motors and balancing devices.
4 rotating package holders with individual arms.
Hydraulic lifting /lowering system of the package holders equipped with oil pump.
Fully automatic control system by PLC housed inside the stainless steel control box.
Cast iron base plate with upper and lower supports.
Production Data
Yarn type Extraction Time Residual Moisture
synthetics 3min. 8-12%
Wool Blended 4min. 15-25%
Wool/cotton blends 4min. 25-30%
Cotton 5min. 45-50%
Silk 5min. 35-40%
Viscose 5min. 60-70%

average capacity 320packages/h
installed power 16KW
rotation speed 1530rpm
Net Weight 2500kg
Dimensions 2600×2210×2340mm