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Shenzhen Products >> Polyester thread and cotton yarn dyeing machine
Hard Winder
Product description

This machine is used for winding cops into cones for warping,doubling or knitting process.

Option at
Cone size:Paper bobbin5° 57'and9° 15'
Drum:Steel plate drum Φ 79.4mm 2 1/2turns
Operating carriage,Cleaning Blower,Waxing device
Form of supply:supply with cone

Ovperall Dimensions(mm)
锭数 S 车脚距A 机器总长B
40 4 5080 5980
60 6 7620 8520
80 8 10160 11060
100 10 12700 13600
120 12 15240 16140
Type Grooved drum type
Number of drum 40,60,80,100,120 (standard.100s)
Drumgauge (mm) 254
Yarn traverse (mm) 152
Winding speed (m/min) 510,575,643,713
Cone size Wooden bobbin 5°57'
Size of full package(mm) Base Φ 200×152
Drum Bakelite Φ82mm 2 1/2 turns
End-breakage automaUc stop motion individual spindle control
Tension device Disc type, the tension disc is availablein
in weights18.2,7.4, 3.7 grams
Club catcher cleaning blade
Ribbon breaking device Non-contact intermittent Switch device
Form of supply To suit spinning cops or threadBobbins of twisting frame
Bobbin holder Single-arm holding type
Drive: main motor 2 pcs.1.8kw 1440r/min
Pilot motor 1 pcs.0.18kw 960r/min