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Shenzhen Products >> Polyester thread and cotton yarn dyeing machine
Soft cone winder
Product description
Model GA012 SOFT CONE WINDER is specially designed for winding cops including cotton,wool,artifical fibre and their blends into cone or cheese package for high tempera-ture & high pressure dyeing processing.After the use of model GU011 CONE ROUNDING MACHINE,the dyed cone's quality would be better.
Type Double—side grooved drum type
No.of spinles 60,80,1 OO,1 20(standard 1 00 spindles)
Spindle gauge(mm) 264
Winding traveres(mm) 147
winding speed(m/min) 350,400
Cone size(option) 0°3°20’3°30’4°20'(stainless steel dyeing bobbin)
Size of full package(mm) baseΦ170×149
Drum(mm) Φ79,4,2 1/2turns GC steel-plate drum
End-breakage automatic stop motion Individual spindle control
Tension loose device By changing the tension weight,as cone
diameter increased,the tension Decrese
to improve its evenness of the density
Robbin breaking device Non-contact intermittent device,on-off motor
speed various at about 32T/min(To be adjustable)
Transersing gauge(mm) 2.2,3.2
Transersing time(T/min) 14.2
Cone pressure-balance device As cone diameter increased,the pressure on it
decreas to improve its evenness of the density
Form of supply Chese or Cone
Main motor 2pie 1.84KW,1440rpm
Pilot motor 1 pie,0.18KW,960rpm
Cleaning device Model GU013 Cleaning blower can be supplied according to customer's request
Overall dimension 14200×1122(100spindles)